Make Your SOAR Reservations

Are you ready to make your SOAR reservation?  SOAR reservations open November 4th through your SpartanLink account.

Your SOAR Reservation is made in 3 easy steps.

Step ONE:

Confirm your acceptance to UNCG

  • Log in to your SpartanLink Account .You created a SpartanLink account when you submitted your UNCG application
  • Click on the option to accept our offer of admission.
  • Under the option Respond to our offer of admission, click Please provide us with your enrollment decision.
  • Select from the options that appear and Submit your enrollment decision.
  • Once you submit your acceptance, you will see the date and time accepted with an enrollment of CONFIRMED.

Step Two:

Complete Before you SOAR, UNCG’s online orientation

  • After confirming your acceptance to UNCG, if you are on the page from Step One, simply click SOAR Reservations.
  • If you exited SpartanLink after confirming and before clicking on SOAR Reservations, please log back into you SpartanLink account and click NEXT STEPS, then click the link SOAR Reservations.
  • You will be prompted to begin UNCG’s online orientation, Before You SOAR. Click Let’s Get Started

Before you SOAR is a series of online videos and quizzes that prepare you for SOAR on campus. Before you SOAR will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and is required before you are eligible to make your SOAR reservation. Please click HERE for FAQ and Tips about Before you SOAR.

Step Three:

Reserve your SOAR session

  • Once you have completed Before you SOAR, you will be prompted to a SOAR Reservation page
  • Click SpartanLink, you will be prompted to log in to SpartanLink again
  • Click Next Steps
  • Click SOAR Reservations
  • Select the SOAR session desired and complete your reservation
  • SpartanLink can be found at

You may make SOAR reservations and pay online for parents and adult family members at this time. Remember you may come back to SpartanLink to modify existing SOAR reservations, add reservations or pay online.

Important Information …

  • SOAR is required for all incoming freshman, transfer & adult students. Attendance cannot be exused for any reason.
  • Make your reservation as soon as possible. Each SOAR session has a limited number of spaces and they fill up quickly. Please note that we cannot take waiting lists for sessions.
  • If a session does not appear as an available option in the SOAR Reservation system, it means that session is full.
  • Make your own reservation first then remember to make a reservation for any adult family members who are interested in attending with you.
  • Please note that the name you enter in your reservation is the name that will appear on your nametag.

Once you have successfully completed your SOAR reservation, watch for a confirmation email on your UNCG e-Spartan account — we cannot send student reservation confirmations to other email providers, such as Hotmail or Yahoo. We highly recommend providing an email address for each guest so that they can also receive confirmation notification as well. (Guest email addresses can be non-UNCG email providers; business email addresses are preferred over general hosts such as Hotmail or Yahoo.)